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I came up with my first design in September 2006, a simple Celtic knot for a finished-item exchange. Less than a month later, the familiar longing for the seasonal changes that I miss living in the subtropics spurred me to design an autumn-themed piece. After that, the design ideas started flowing, and I decided it was time to put a name to this new facet of my life, and Tor Rhuann Designs was born. Perhaps someday I may design larger pieces, but at the moment, all of my designs are relatively small, and free to download and distribute. I hope that you enjoy them.

If you have stitched one of my designs and wish to be recognized in the gallery, please drop me an email! I always love to see how others envision my doodlings!

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Free Designs

Design Stitch Count Description Gallery
Christmas Garden 2016
Christmas Garden
53x53 Knotgarden of festive plants.
Released 17 December 2016.
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None yet.
Evergreen 2015
40x40 Decoratable evergreen tree as viewed from above.
Released 7 December 2015.
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  • Mine
  • Reindeer Wreath 2014
    Reindeer Wreath
    33x33 Wreath of reindeer
    Released 22 December 2014.
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    (none yet)
    Christmas Bells 2013
    Christmas Bells
    44x44 Wreath of bells and mistletoe
    Released 23 December 2013.
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    (none yet)
    Holly and Ivy 2012
    Holly and Ivy

    bellpull: 28x119

    large: 62x62
    Blackwork holly and ivy motifs (set of four) with additional arrangement suggestions.
    Released 15 December 2012.
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  • Mine
  • Snowflake 2011
    Snowflake 2011
    29x33 Blackwork snowflake. Released 18 December 2011.
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  • Mine
  • Jenna's (green)
  • Peepscornu
    36x36 Biscornu design - Floral design with Peeps. Released 20 April 2011.
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  • Mine (as biscornu)
  • Wreath biscornu
    2010 Ornament
    32x32 Biscornu design - candle wreath. Released 29 November 2010.
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  • Mine - white version
  • Mine - Advent version (as biscornu)
  • San Pietro - small
    San Pietro
    32x80 (large)
    30x30 (small)
    Geometric blackwork motifs with floral border. Released 6 September 2010.
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  • Mine - small version
  • Mine - large version
  • Peace!
    Model by Kay W.
    45x45 Assisi-style peace sign in a ring of flowers. Released 1 February 2010.
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  • Kay W's
  • 2009 Ornament
    2009 Ornament
    41x45 Assisi-style snowflake in a hexagonal design. Released 21 December 2009.
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  • Mine
  • Mine (another colorway)
  • 2008 Ornament
    2008 Ornament
    43x43 A trio of candles in holly, with an evergreen border. Released 23 December 2008.
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  • Mine
  • Linda's
  • Trick or Treat!
    Trick or Treat!
    32x32 Assisi-style customizable Jack-o-lantern with bat and spider border for Halloween 2008
    Released 31 October 2008.
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  • Claire's
  • Terry A's
  • Sara's
  • Cymberleah's
  • Melissa's
  • Four Seasons
    Four Seasons
    44x44 Assisi-style motif of the four seasons, with two defined colorways. Suitable as a biscornu pattern, and is designed to use less than half a yard of each color when stitched one-strand over two threads.
    Designed for Victoria Clayton of Hand-Dyed Fibers
    Released 16 January 2008.
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  • Mine - Colorway 1
  • Mine - Colorway 2
  • Angie in Argentina's
    (design + inverse)
  • Amali's (summer fob)
  • 2007 Ornament
    2007 Ornament
    33x33 A Christmas star, in gold and silver, on a background of night. Released 8 December 2007.
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  • Mine
  • Chiasmata's
  • Linda's
  • Ricardus
    40x40 A stylized white boar, emblem of Richard III of England, with a border of white roses and Richard's motto. Released 22 August 2007.
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  • Mine
  • Assisi Summer bookmark
    Assisi Summer bookmark
    35x92 An Assisi-style bookmark with seashell motifs and stylized wave border. Released June 2007.
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  • Mine
  • Wilma's (all four seasons)
  • Mae's version
  • Sun scissor fob
    Sunshine on my Scissors
    33x33 An Assisi-style sun, designed to be a scissor fob or ornament. Released June 2007.
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  • Mine
  • Terry's (as biscornu)
  • Scissors biscornu
    Getting Squared Away
    14x14 to 18x18 Four square blackwork-style designs. Released June 2007.
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  • Mine: Daffodil
  • Mine: Daisy Garden
  • Mine: Entwined Hearts
  • Mine: Scissors
  • Assisi Spring Bookmark
    Assisi Spring
    35x92 An Assisi-style bookmark featuring spring flowers and a stylized violet border. Released March 2007.
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  • Mine
  • Jenna's, finished as a bookmark
  • Wilma's (all four seasons)
  • Angie in Argentina's
  • Pi
    Pi, er, Squared
    26x26 Two small Pi Day designs - an Assisi style pi with the first 40 decimal places, and a pi biscornu. Released March 2007

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  • Shannon's Pi1 (red)
  • Shannon's Pi2 (red)
  • Shannon's Pi2 (blue)
  • Shannon's Pi2 (blue metallic)
  • St. Patrick's Shamrock
    St. Patrick's Shamrock
    33x33 An Assisi-style shamrock with knotwork border, one of two in "Celtic Mission to Assisi". Released February 2007.

    Download "Celtic Mission" PDF

  • Abi's, done with DMC 125
  • Jenn L's, done with DMC 101
  • Jenna's, finished in a WhimZi frame
  • Another from Jenna
  • Shannon's, with NN198 and PB03
  • Mine, with Waterlilies "Jade" and PB20
  • Laurel's
  • St. David's Daffodil
    St. David's Daffodil
    Model by Shannon L.
    37x37 An Assisi-style daffodil with stylized daffodil border, one of two in "Celtic Mission to Assisi". Released February 2007.

    Download "Celtic Mission" PDF

  • Shannon's
  • Jenna's
  • Angie in Argentina's
    (design + inverse)
  • Assisi Autumn Bookmark
    Assisi Autumn
    36x92 An Assisi-style bookmark featuring Autumn leaves. Released September 2006.
    Download PDF
  • My version
  • Shannon's, finished as a Cube-It
  • Wilma's (all four seasons)
  • Chiasmata's
  • Assisi Winter Bookmark
    Assisi Winter
    35x92 An Assisi-style bookmark featuring snowflakes. Released November 2006.

    Download PDF

  • My version
  • Shannon's, finished as a Cube-It
  • Rachel's, using DMC color variations
  • Wilma's (all four seasons)
  • Mel's
  • 2006 Ornament
    2006 Ornament
    53x53 An Assisi-style wreath with holly and beads. Released December 2006.

    Download PDF

  • My version
  • Assisi Knot
    Assisi Knot
    50x50 A simple Celtic knot done in Assisi style. Originally designed as a biscornu. Released September 2006.

    Download PDF

  • My version, done in blue in purple
  • Mine, finished as a biscornu.
  • Angie in Argentina's
    (design + inverse)
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